Unfortunately there is little to report. The cause is of course covid. Virtually all physical meetings have come to a standstill. With great difficulty, a digital membership meeting of the Marienburg Association was convened in 2020. We were not yet used to that and unfortunately it did not go quite right technically, but voting on the topics went anyway. Plans were mostly made, but they can still hardly be implemented.

Three meetings are planned concerning rituals in the worship service. Online interviews are planned with members starting in August/September. 'Conversations at the Jacobs Spring'.

I myself have joined the editorial board of the magazine (1200 readers) and I am leading the group of editors there. This year it was

the main means of communication with the members.Numerous topics passed in review.Diaconia and spirituality,the practice of streaming celebrations, about illegal immigrants, social ethics, lgbt in parishes, nuclear weapons and there is always a focus on EN-RE and IMWAC. Especially the discussion and practice around streaming celebrations was in the spotlight.

Talks have started with four allies including the grassroots movement (grassroots communities), the OKG (support for small faith communities) Ekklesia Amsterdam and Bezield verband. All organizations are in the same line. Is it possible to develop a more future-oriented profile.

The activity is hardly focused on changing church or church structure anymore. There is no more honor to be gained, as there is no result. The Catholic Church in the Netherlands is getting an increasingly conservative profile that is distinguished mainly by shocking statements about LGBT . No progress is being made in any area from our perspective. Indifference has also emerged. At the same time, religion in itself remains a hot topic.

Henk Baars

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